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Battle Shared Working Space

Thank you for the interest in our services.

We are currently researching whether there is a need for a shared co-working space or shared office space in the Battle area.

We are seeking up to 10-15 people to share an office in the Battle area, within a 2 min walk of the centre. Car parking would be available also.

Whether it is a dedicated desk or just a few days per week, we are looking at providing flexible and affordable share office space.

We are not doing any hard selling, we just want to know if there is a need, that we can fulfill. There is absolutely no commitment by contacting us - it's just a useful guage for any demand.

If this would be of interest in the coming months, please do contact us by email

Let us know whether you prefer a dedicated desk or how many days per week you would use the office and how soon you think you would start looking for such a service.

Any information you send to us will not be used for any other purposes or 3rd party marketing.

Who would benefit from a shared office space?

You may be a freelancer working from home full time or someone that only works from home for a few days per week, and are going back to the company office for a few days.

Benefits of a shared office space

We know that many home workers spend hours a day on their own and can feel isolated from other people.

Zoom calls are great but after a while you may feel the need for actual real human interaction.

Even if this those people are working in an different industry or sector they all experience the same feelings, and are working hard to  make their businesses a success or meet company deadlines.

Initially, working from home is great, you can balance the needs of the family with work, but equally over time the distractions can also start to affect your productivity.

Whilst working in shared space, you can decide  how many days you want to work there, and gives you time to focus on your business goals, and some structure and discipline to your day. And, your also surrounded by like minded people. It also allows you to socialise with other people, to talk about work, family, or just bounce an idea around for a fresh perspective.

You may also find it useful to network with other people and increase your potential leads for new business.