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Individuals - Virtual Street Address

Virtual Street Address Services
Accommodation Address 
(based in Sussex)

  • Quick Online Sign Up
  • Proof of Identity and current address required
  • Mail can be posted or scanned

​As an individual, you can also use the services of a virtual office mailing address; they are not just for businesses, however, this virtual street address service is only applicable at our Sussex address, our London address is only for business clients.

  • To set up the service we do require identification and confidentiality is very important to us.
  • If you're overseas, we will require your ID to be certified/notarised.
  • Collect your mail, or have it forwarded to you via airmail or scanned.
  • If you move address during the year, you can change your forwarding address at any time at no additional cost.
  • Our prices are competitive and are favourable compared to renting a PO Box (which start at £225 a year)
  • You can easily sign up online in a matter of minutes. â€‹

Fixed Address

Having to notify your contacts every time you move to another address can be very time consuming.

Especially when you frequently travel around the UK or globe as part of your job.

Equally, if you have decided to explore the world, as you do not tend to have a permanent address for any definite period, you can use our address for your correspondence.

Collect or Forwarded

Use our virtual street address at our office in Sussex, as an "accommodation address". 

Therefore, you only have one long-term address for all your mail.  There is no need to update any of your contacts again.

We can forward your mail, hold at our East Sussex office until you have a more permanent address or scan for you to access online.

Uses include

The virtual street address service is ideal for:

  • Travelling Reps
  • Students
  • Landlords
  • Gap year
  • Expats

The address can not be used as a UK address in order to claim benefits or for voting purposes.

The address should NOT be used to register vehicles with the DVLA, mail will be returned to sender without notification.

PRICE - £84.99 + vat

Plus £20 deposit for your mail to be forwarded.

We are based in East Sussex, BN26. 

Total Price would be £139.99



Please contact us via,

  • the online live chat facility;
  • Contact Us page; or,
  • call I-Support on 01323 484542