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Do you own a UK Company but based overseas.

Limited companies and limited liability partnerships (LLP’s) in the UK are legally required to have a UK registered office.The Company Directors and/or a company secretary (if you have one) are responsible for establishing and maintaining it. This is the formal and official address of the company but it does not have to be the place where the business trades.

If you are based overseas, a virtual office can provide you with a safe, secure UK address that all your mail can be sent to. The mail can be forwarded to your overseas address or scanned and emailed to you. I-Support provides a full UK Mailing Address Package.

Official Government Agencies such as Companies House and HMRC will always write to a companies official address. The address must be genuine and able to accept mail on behalf of the company. When an address is found to be ineffective Companies House may take action against the company. If a letter is sent to the registered address it should be accepted. Returned mail may cause Companies House to assume the address is ineffective.

Companies House, HMRC will send notices and reminders which are posted to companies to remind them of their statutory duties. This includes notices to file accounts, annual returns, and to submit tax returns. It is also the address at which legal notices are officially served.

There are financial penalties for not fulfilling your statutory duties, so always ensure that any virtual office is sending on your mail as quickly as possible. All of our clients have their registered office address mail forwarded the same day we receive it – therefore minimising any potential delays.