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Does my business name matter

Choosing a company name is a really important decision, below we have outlined some of the points you must consider.

 You cannot just use any name for your company, there are a few restrictions.

 All companies that are privately owned and limited by shares or guarantee must end with either limited or Ltd. If you choose to have your registered office in Wales and are therefore considered a Welsh company, you may opt for the business to end with cynyngedig or cyf.

All companies that are publically owned must end with public limited company or plc, again if you are registered in Wales the company can end with Cwmni Cyfyngedig Cyhoeddus or CCC.

If you are a community interest group your business name can also end with CIC. For partnerships you can also have LLP (Limited Liability Partnerships)

You may not be able to register a name that is similar or the same as an existing name as this may cause confusion to the public and there are rules on the use of signs, symbols and punctuation in your proposed name. If you think your name is similar to another existing company always check the regulations as there are certain words and expression that are disregarded. This may be allowed if the proposed company is part of the same group as an existing company or the existing company allows you to register the name.

You should not choose a name that may give the impression that you are connected to any UK Government or administration or that may be “sensitive” or offensive. There is a long list of words that you are unable to use. There are exceptions and you would need approval.

You can search the Companies House website list for free and we would also suggest you check whether there is an existing trademark on the proposed name.