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Are you a new Company Director

If you have just set up a Limited Company for the first time, there is so much information, rules and regulations that it can be a bit overwhelming. It is important that the Directors of the company understand their obligations to ensure that their company is fulfulling its legal duties.

One of many areas where directors have a legal responsibility is the requirement to file documents each year with Companies House. These are

  • The annual return for the company
  • Annual Accounts for the company

As it is legal responsibility it therefore is a criminal offence not to deliver these documents and initially you will receive an automatic late filing penalty if the accounts are not submitted by the correct date. Blaming an accountant or book-keeper for not filing these documents is not likely to be a valid excuse.

You must also inform Companies House of any changes within the company, have you changed registered office addressdirectors service address, termination or appointment of directors. Companies House have forms you can download from the internet or the easiest method is by signing up for their webfiling service.

Webfiling gives you access to the important filing deadlines and details of Directors etc. and you can easily change the company and director details.

We would also recommend signing up for the ereminder service – you will receive an email from Companies House when your company accounts and annual returns.