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How is a Virtual Office Relevant to a New Business

So what is all this about virtual offices, mail forwarding services and how is this at all relevant to my new business idea?

Before starting any new business, you spend time identifying a gap in the market or deciding that you can provide a particular service or manufacture or import a product to customers either cheaper and/or better than current businesses. 

You then follow the usual route of writing a business plan – setting your objectives, segmenting customers and developing marketing plans and strategies, sorting out the operational aspects of the company and producing your cash flow based on what only can be described as an educated guess!! 

At this stage, you need to consider a few options:

How can you minimise the risk of your investment or the bank’s capital? 
Is there a low cost way of getting the company off the ground without spending lots of money on offices and staff?

Do you really want to sign up to a 2 or 5 year lease on a property, handing over deposits and sorting out building insurance etc.?

This is where a virtual office can help save you money. Money that you could be using more effectively elsewhere. 

It also gives you time to get the business established and start generating sales before taking the decision to rent offices.

A virtual office has many benefits, the main one for new start-ups is the fact that you can get a business address, so portray your business as professional without the costs of renting an office.

You could start your business from your kitchen table or home office but a virtual office provides a contact address that you can use on company stationery and websites to reassure your clients and customers that they are dealing with a reputable company.

All this for a fraction of office rental cost, and a lot less hassle, you can purchase a virtual office address, either monthly or annually.

Your mail can be picked up at the virtual office, if you live local, or you may want to use a mail forwarding option – so that all mail received is forwarded onto you. 

A mail forwarding service does not only have to physically forward your mail, virtual offices can also scan and email your mail to you or place into a secure folder online.

So overall, virtual offices can be a cost effective way to get a business off the ground without any huge start up costs and many are flexible enough to adapt to your business as it grows, so you may want telephone answering services, meeting rooms, administrative assistance etc.

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