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What is a SAIL Address?

All limited companies are required to keep its statutory company records available for inspection. Normally they are kept at the registered office address, When you use I-Support Service, you can post them to us or upload into your online account. The registered office address is the address to which all Companies House, HMRC and legal notices are sent and is kept on the Companies House “Register”.
If you do not wish to keep your company records at the registered office, you must notify Companies House as to their location and the records that are available. The location is known as the SAIL address. The SAIL address is this Single Alternative Inspection Location. You cannot use a SAIL address unless you have informed Companies House.
The address has to be in the same country as the registered office and is publically available.
There are a number of records that are required – see our article “What records should a company hold at its Registered Office”
You must ensure that they are up to date and accurate. To inspect a companies records two days notice must be given as set out in the Companies (Company Records) Regulations 2008.

You can update Companies House easily via webfiling or download form AD02 from the Companies House website

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact I-Support for further information.