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An Eastbourne Virtual Office

Great! - You have decided to start a new business in the Eastbourne area.


So what address do you use on invoices, website, emails?


Home address? Accountants? PO Box?

Using your home address in Eastbourne raises concerns about your privacy and possible customers turning up at your home.

Accountants will usually let limited companies use their address for the official registered office address, but don't usually let you use it for day to day trade mail.

PO Box - easy to set up, but not a very professional image and are now quite expensive and don't accept signed for mail..

So what is the solution..


A virtual business address for less than £2 a week.
we are based in Polegate, so great location for multiple customer bases in Eastbourne, Hailsham, Bexhill, Hastings



Starting a Business in Eastbourne

For many who want to start a business, the start up costs are off-putting. You start with big ideas about having offices, staff, etc. but the reality is, unless you have a lot of start up funding, many start up ideas don't happen.

For those in full time employment the jump to working for yourselves, from a secure regular wage is too difficlut to risk, especially if you have family and financial commitments.

Starting small, working from home?

Alot of businesses start off from a kitchen table, bedroom, home office and are run whilst the owner is still in full time employment, emails being sent once they get home from work or during free time during the day.

Trying to get a business off the ground while working full time is really hard and requires determination and commitment and belief in your product or services, even if family and friends do doubt it.

How we can help..

I-Support can't run your business for you, or do the hard work of generating lots of sales for your business, but we can offer you peace of mind when you have to start to publicise your business and deal with customers/clients or suppliers.

When you start to think about advertising the business, online, off-line, on marketing materials and company stationery (invoices, emails, letterheads) - you certainly don't want to use your home address. You can of course opt for a PO Box, but for many of your customers, they may be put off by this and there are cheaper alternatives

How much does it cost?

For a sole trader it only costs £84.99 a year (plus the VAT) - that's the same as £1.63 a week. (or £1.96 including the VAT).

Thats right, for less than £2 a week you have an actual business address to use for your customers correspondence and providing them with a professional image and your peace of mind that your own privacy is being maintained.

We also require a £20 postage deposit so that we can forward your mail to you by post or scan. If you are passing, you can also pick it up from the offices.

What else can you do and how do I sign up 

We can also provide company formations, for those that want to set up as a limited company, there are specific packages for limited companies that include the registered office address and directors service address.

Sole traders need to apply for our Business Address service 

You can sign up via our home page, select the service you require and this will take you to our online application.

As we are licenced by HMRC, we are required to know who our clients are, so we will ask for copies of your driving licence or passport and proof of your current address (less than 3 months old).

So, click on the "Sign Up Today" button below to get started