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Do you use your home address as your registered office?

When you start a business, you will need to decide whether to use your own home address or another address to act as your registered office.

Many new businesses start up at an owners home, it helps reduce overheads, helps with cash flow and some companies, especially internet based, no longer need an actual place to trade.

As the business grows and you consider becoming a limited company, the owner will have to decide if they wish to use their own home address as their registered office address.

There are a few things to consider:

When you use your own address at Companies House it will become public as it will be put onto the register and is free to access by anyone.

You will need to display your company name at the registered office address.

Your business stationery, websites, emails must also show your registered office address.

If you do not wish your personal home address to be made public you can use our Registered Office Service and/or Mail Forwarding Service.

You can use our address and all mail is sorted and forwarded to you immediately.
You can use the address on your business stationery, website and email.
Your clients, customers, suppliers etc. will not be aware that you are using a mail forwarding service.

We will remove all junk mail, unless you want it!!