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Implementing Money Laundering Regulations

How do you implement Money Laundering Regulations?

As a Company Service Provider, the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 require us to implement effective “due diligence” to prevent money laundering, when establishing business relationships. 

We are licenced by HMRC - licence no: 12660449 and our staff have undergone a "fit and proper" test to be able to offer this service.

We will not be carrying out any transactions and handling any of your businesses money, so our main responsibility is to ensure that we can identify any individuals of a company that wish to use our mail forwarding and registered office address service.

For the vast majority of business relationships, we will never meet face to face so we make sure that we have robust measures in place to “know our clients”

During sign up we do request copies of a person’s ID (photo driving licence, passport, utility bills, bank statement etc.)

UK residents
Both the proof of ID and proof of residential address documents are verified electronically, (checks on your identity will leave a footprint on your credit history but will not affect your credit history in anyway.) If we are unable to verify your ID, we will require it to be certified and accompanied by the relevant official stamp and signature.

Non UK based
clients need to provide certified/notarised ID, signed and stamp by a professional or authority.  

If we need any further information or identification from you we will contact you to discuss the matter.

We know that this can be burdensome, but as a professional company we are responsible for meeting our legal requirements. If you are unable to send us any identification we will not be able to offer you our services.

Under these regulations, we may also pass on your details if requested from law enforcement agencies.

You can find more information about this on the .GOV.UK website