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Telephone Answering - Message+ Service

Message+ Telephone Answering


The Telephone Answering Message+ service is ideal for companies that require us to collect more than the usual basic information  of name, number and message from their customers.

Prices start at £25 +vat a month for 20 calls

This service, can also collect the callers address, email address, find out when the best time for call back would be etc.

These calls last longer than the basic answering service, so are priced differently.

Info we collect from callers

The Message+ Service can collect the information you require via 5 questions, but you may need:  
Name, Company Name, Telephone Number, Mobile Number, E-mail Address and message.

Depending on your callers, you may prefer to change the information to collect the callers address, postcode, best time to call back or how they found your services.

This allows you to have the correct information to be able to deal with any call, and you can choose when to reply to the call so making your time more productive.


This service is 24/7 and 365 days of the year so your company will never miss a customers call again.
There are no extra charges for bank holidays or calls at night time, this is all included in the monthly price.

By utilising this service, it will enable you and your staff to be more productive and concentrate on sales and delivery your business services.

You can confidently be reassured that your calls are being answered professionally and you can decide on when to return the calls..

Telephone Answering Prices

We charge a monthly fee in advance for a set number of calls, then charge for any additional calls the following month.

Prices start at £25+vat for 20 calls, we can also send an SMS for an additional 20p per SMS. Any additional calls are then charged at £1.60 per call.

If you expect more than 20 calls we would suggest you start on our Message+48 account, which inlcudes up to 40 calls and reduces the cost of your calls, any additional calls are then charged at £1.50 per call.

Diverting your Calls

We will provide you with a divert "number" so you can divert your mobile or business landline to it, this enables us to identify exactly who the call is for and answer you calls with your company name. We would recommend that you do not use this number in any publicity/marketing materials - as they may change during the year.