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Telephone Message Answering Service

Telephone Message, Call Answering Services and Receptionist Service


  • Ever missed a customers call?
  • Are you regularly travelling or in meetings and unable to pick up calls?
  • Member of reception or customer service staff off sick?

Never miss a call or potential sale for your business with a 24/7 telephone answering and receptionist service.

Benefits to your business


Whichever service you require there are a number of benefits to your business

  • Customers speak to real people not voicemail
  • Free up your staff time and improve productivity.
  • Reduce overheads, no equipment or rent to pay for.
  • No NICs or staff salaries.
  • No cancellation fees.
  • FREE set up.
We are happy to recommend and - which offer you 2 levels of service, depending on what you need.

A Telephone Answering Service is a great choice for smaller to medium sized businesses and new start ups.

By using an answering service, your staff can focus on their day to day jobs and reply to calls that are genuinely urgent. For start ups it ensures that you have more free up time in order to get the business up and running. is a pay as you go service for basic call answering, or, which is more of a virtual recpetionist, which can take a message or transfer calls direct to you

Answer is a true pay as you go message taking service. They'll answer the phone in your company name, take a name, number and an accurate message. Then send you the message by email, text message, or via the online portal. 

·         Per message, not per minute.
·         £1/call (falling to 75p on larger packages)
·         No monthly fee
·         10p/sms
·         True Pay As You Go

They can ask the caller any of the following:
·         Name
·         Company Name
·         Telephone
·         Who they wish to speak to
·         An accurate message


pureJAM is a Virtual Receptionist service designed to act as a front desk for you. They answer the calls in your company name then ask the caller the questions you specify.

They can try putting the caller through to your mobile or landline.

Messages are then sent via email/text message/ online portal.

·         Per second billing.
·         70p-85p/minute dependant on package
·         Packages from £30 / month
·         5p/sms
·         Calls Patched to your Mobile/Landline
·         Easy to change instructions based on status
·         Update your status via SMS / Twitter

They  can ask the caller any of the following:
·         Name
·         Company Name
·         Telephone Number
·         Who They Wish To Speak To
·         An Accurate Message
·         Email Address
·         Postcode
·         Postal Address
·         Alternate Phone Number