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Telephone Message Answering Service

Telephone Message, Call Answering Services and Receptionist Service


  • Ever missed a customers call?
  • Are you regularly travelling or in meetings and unable to pick up calls?
  • Member of reception or customer service staff off sick?

Never miss a call or potential sale for your business with our 24/7 telephone answering and receptionist service.

Benefits to your business


Whichever service you require there are a number of benefits to your business

  • Customers speak to real people not voicemail
  • Free up your staff time and improve productivity.
  • Reduce overheads, no equipment or rent to pay for.
  • No NICs or staff salaries.
  • No cancellation fees.
  • FREE set up.

UK Based Message Service

Our UK based telephone answering service covers the whole UK so whether you are based in London, Llandudno, Sussex or Scotland, your calls are diverted to us from your business line or mobile seamlessly, without your customers noticing any difference. 

Answering Your Calls


We then answer your telephone calls professionally on your own dedicated incoming telephone number using your own company name. Our telephone answering service will make notes of the enquiry and pass the messages onto you via email and SMS if required.

All Day, Every day 


For smaller companies having a receptionist gives an impression that the company is larger than it actually may be, plus you can ensure that all your calls are answered every hour of the day and during weekends and bank holidays.


  • No long term contracts
  • Just use our services for as long as you need us,
  • You pay for 1 month in advance each month.

We like to keep our services as simple as possible.

No overly complicated call plans, charges or contracts just a minimum price per month and then a price per call for any additional calls received, which are invoiced the following month.

We do not charge you extra for sending the message via email, but it does cost 20p to send an SMS.

You can also use our address for your business and have the complete virtual office service.

Our mailing address services are useful for sole traders and limited companies.

Our homepage outlines the services that we can provide to you at great value.

Message Service

Our Message service collects basic information such as.

Telephone Number
Brief Message.

This is then immediately emailed to up to 2 email addresses

Message Prices

Message 20
£20 + vat a month - this includes 17 calls.

Message 40
£40 + vat a month - this includes 36 calls.

Additional calls are charged at £1.20 + vat per call.


Message+ Service

Message+ service enables us to ask more detailed questions, such as callers address or email address as well as the usual Name, Company, Telephone Number and bief Message from your caller

This is then immediately emailed to up to 4 email addresses

Message+ Prices

Message+ 25
£25 + vat  a month - this includes 20 calls.

Message+ 48
£48 + vat  a month - this includes 40 calls.

Additional calls for Message+ 25 are  £1.33 + vat per call and Message+48 are £1.25+ vat per call.

Message+ Service


Message+ service enables us to ask more detailed questions, such as callers address, email address etc.

Or this service can provide you with a virtual receptionist and patch calls through to you.

Prices start at:
£25 + vat  a month - this includes 20 calls.