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Business Address - From only £84.99 per year

Sole Traders and Limited Companies


We can provide a business address without the usual high costs of renting office space and also protecting your personal home address from being used online. The business address provides a correspondence address for your customers and suppliers.

This service does not include the use of the address at Companies House as a registered office address. If you are limited company and require the regsitered office address as well, we would recommend the all mail package.

Perfect for people that work from home.


London Address

£99.99 +vat a year

Sussex Address

£84.99 +vat a year

By using our business address, your day to day general business mail will be sent direct to us. We forward on your business mail, however best suits your needs i.e. post or scan.  We can send your mail anywhere in the world using an initial £20 Postage/Scanning deposit. We charge you Royal Mail costs for postage and for scanning 50p per page. No extra fees or handling costs for letters received.

Our business address also prevents any unwanted visitors, such as sales reps or customers turning up at your office address. Our staff will deal with any visitors professionally and will take any details so that you may choose to contact them.

Please note that we do not accept applications from certain sectors/Industries, please check our terms and conditions


Central London


per year

Overseas Based Clients


per year



per year

Overseas Based Clients


per year

Business Address for Start Ups

If you are starting your business, and planning to work from home, you need to be careful how and when you use your residential address.

Once your address has been published on a website, online directory etc. it is very difficult to remove completely from public view.

Our business address service will give you peace of mind that all your business contacts will be using the same address and simultanesouly protecting your own personal address. If living in rented accommodation, you may be prevented from running a business from home due to a clause in your rental agreement.

You may also testing a new product or service and wish to use a business address until you are confident of the sales growth.

You may also want to establish a business presence in a new area and test the market before investing, so if you are based in Scotland and want to expand into London, using our address provides a low risk and cost alternative.

Business Address for Established Businesses

We have many clients that are looking to downsize or have realised that with the increased sophistication of technology, drop shipping etc they no longer need actual office space.

Our business address service can provide you with a contact address for customers, suppliers, banks etc. Having a contact address provides your customers with a degree of trust in being able to contact you if any problems arise.

Which you can use for invoicing, company stationery and marketing materials, all at a fraction of the cost of renting office space and the usual associated overheads.

Please note that the address may NOT be used to register a company or personal vehicles, DVLA will usually reject applications. 

Forwarding Your mail

Our business mail forwarding service will process all your mail professionally and efficiently, to your personal needs.

We always take out any obvious junk mail and can either forward your mail to you by post either daily, weekly or monthly, or electronically. You can also decide on whether you want 1st or 2nd class postage. If you change your mind and want your mail sent in a different way you can easily contact us.

We only charge you the Royal Mail cost of forwarding the mail. Scans costs 50p per scanned page. No extra percentages on top. When your deposit runs low we will contact you to top it up. Please note that we will not forward any mail if the account is not in credit. Parcels/packages incur a £2 handling fee and an additional fee of £5 is incurred if we have to arrange a courier.

Each client has their own dedicated online account so that any scanned mail can be uploaded securely. Which you can then access – either to download or print. Or, we can email it direct to you if that is easier.

You may change how you receive your mail at any time, i.e. you may want mail items scanned if you are going on holiday, or make a change to the mail forwarding address.

This can all be done via your online account.

Can I also receive my registered office mail at the Business Address?

Our business address service is only for general business mail and does not include the use as a registered office or director’s service address.

You can purchase these services from us afterwards, contact us and we can set these services up in your online account.

If you do require these services and the business address, you can easily purchase them together in one "All Mail" mailing package.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ID do I need to upload?

We require proof of your identity. Photocard - such as driving licence or passport.

Proof of address - a utility bill or bank statement, which is less than 3 months old.

UK based clients ID are electronically checked. If we are unable to confirm your identity, you are required to provide certified copies. Non UK clients need to provide certified/notarised ID. Certified/Notarised copies are signed by a professional person or authority.

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How often do you forward the mail?

This is totally your decision, you can decide to have mail sent via post or scanned and emailed - or both.

When you sign up for the Business Address you will be initially asked how often you want your mail forwarded (daily, weekly, monthly) and whether you want it sent 1st or 2nd class. You can change this at any time, just contact us via email or phone to make the amendments. For example, if you are going away and want us to hold your mail for a few weeks, that is not a problem.

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What can I use the address for?

You can use the address as a contact address for customers. suppliers or banks. The address can be displayed on your website, letterheads and emails, as well as any online directories. Please make sure you list the places the address is being used, if in the future you no longer need to use our services you will have to change the address.

By having the one address ensures that all your business mail is received in one place.

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Can i change my forwarding address?

You will have access to your own personal online account, where you can update your contact details and also your forwarding address.

If you change your address we will ask you to provide new proof of address.

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