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Virtual Address Identification

I-Support is licenced by HMRC and registered by the London Local Authority to offer these virtual office services. We are required to collect certain information about our clients to meet our Money Laundering Regulation obligations.

We must ensure that we know who our client are and also confirm their address. Registered Limited Companies will also need to provide identification of all company directors and/or beneficial owners plus a copy of the certificate of incorporation.

We are required to collect copies of all Identification. - scroll down for complete list.

UK based clients - 
Both the proof of ID and proof of residential address documents are verified electronically, (checks on your identity will leave a footprint on your credit history but will not affect your credit history in anyway.) If we are unable to verify your ID, we will require it to be certified and accompanied by the relevant official stamp and signature.

Non UK clients - Both the proof of ID and proof of residential address documents must be notarised by a Public Notary and accompanied by the relevant official stamp and signature.   

We require 2 separate forms of ID - you can not use the same ID for proof of Identity and proof of Address. 

One from List A and one from List B.

All documents must be photocopied or scanned. Photographs and other types of reprographics are not acceptable. Copies must be clear, legible, showing the full and complete document, these must be first generation scans of the original documents.  There must be no folds, parts covered, light reflections, etc.

Uploading your Documents

You will be required to upload these during the checkout. The service will remain suspended until the documents are correctly supplied or the expiry date of your contract is reached.

Your account will not be active until we receive your documents. You should not start to use your service until you receive approval confirmation by email. Any mail received before activation will not be processed and will be returned to sender.

List A: Proof of Identity 


Forms of acceptable Photo Identification


 •  Signed Passport 

•  Full UK Photocard Driving Licence

•  UK Armed Forces Identity Card

•  Police Warrant Card

•  Tax Exemption Certificate CIS4 or CIS6 for Construction Industry

•  Student Identification/Matriculation Card

•  Firearms or Shotgun Certificate

•  EU National ID Cards

•  Identity Card issued by the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland

•  IND Application Registration Card issued by the Home Office

Note: photo ID must be current and must bear a photograph and signature

List B: Proof of Address 


Forms of acceptable Address Verification


  •  Council Tax Bill or Rent Payment Book for the property the customer resides at

•  Utility bill (e.g. gas, electric, water, landline telephone only)

•  Full UK Photocard Driving Licence

•  Bank/Building Society Statement

•  Mortgage statement

•  HMRC formal notification (excluding P60 & P45 notifications)

•  Blue Disability Badge

•  University or college student acceptance document

Note: address verification must be dated within 3 months

If you need to certify your documents.


Who can certify documents?

The following professional person or authority can certify documents:

  • Post office
  • Bank or building society official
  • Official councillor 
  • Minister of religion 
  • Dentist
  • Chartered accountant 
  • Solicitor or Notary 
  • Teacher or lecturer 
  • Local Town Hall 
  • Doctor

The following persons cannot certify documents:

  1. Those related to you 

  2. Living at the same address; or

  3. In a relationship with you

What should a certified document look like?


You will need to take the photocopied document and the original and ask the professional person or authority to certify the copy by:

  1. Writing: "Certified to be a true copy of the original seen by me" on the document 

  2. Signing and dating the document

  3. Printing their name under the signature

  4. Adding their occupation, address and telephone number 

  5. Stamp the document with their personal or professional stamp

Please note, both the proof of ID and proof of residential address document must have the above information.