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All Mail Package - From only £129.99 per year

All your business mail is received at one address.

The complete UK virtual office "All Mail" service provides your limited company with an official address so you can use it with HMRC and Companies House and the address can also be used as your "trading/business" address. 

  • Includes Registered Office, Directors Service Address and Business Address
  • Choice of a central London address or outside London address
  • For use on Company stationery & Website
  • FREE scanning of Companies House & HMRC mail
  • Mail Scanned or Posted - daily, weekly or monthly
  • We only charge you Royal Mail costs, no additional admin or extra percentage fees
  • Mail sent to UK or Overseas
  • Quick online application and set up

This is one of our most popular business mailing packages for limited companies as it covers all your business address needs without having to maintain separate addresses for official and day to day correspondence.

This mailing package provides you with a confidential service, so that you will never have to disclose your personal details on company stationery or online.

All mail received is redirected to your home and/or your inbox, quickly and professionally


Central London


per year

Overseas Based Clients


per year



per year

Overseas Based Clients


per year


By applying for the All Mail package, you can use the virtual office address for all your day to day business dealings, so you can use it for your customers, clients and suppliers.

You can use the address on your website and invoices, so that all your business mail comes into the one address.

We request a £20 postage/scanning deposit that we use to forward your general business mail. Official company mail from Companies House and HMRC is forwarded by scan for free.

You can choose to have your business mail scanned or posted - you can choose how it is sent and how often it is sent. If you require your mail in a hurry we would recommend the scanning service, mail can be scanned and securely shredded afterwards. If you require scanned mail, we will hold it for 7 days so you can let us know to post it onto you.

We only charge you the Royal Mail costs, however parcels/packages larger than a Royal Mail standard large letter incur a £2 handling fee. If any parcel requires us to arrange a courier this will incur a further £5 fee. We can also scan your business mail for 50p per page scan. Handling and packaging fees do apply if we have to consolidate packages into one package.

If you expect packages and signed for items please choose the Sussex based address. The London office can only accept letters.

Please note that we do not accept applications from certain sectors/Industries, please check our terms and conditions.

Registered Office


For Companies House & HMRC Mail


Limited companies and limited liability partnerships (LLP's) in the UK are legally required to have a UK registered office. The Company Directors and/or a company secretary (if you have one) are responsible for establishing and maintaining it.

This is the formal and official address of the company but it does not have to be the place where the business trades.

Official Government Agencies such as Companies House and HMRC will always write to a companies official address.  The address must be genuine and able to accept mail on behalf of the company.

When an address is found to be ineffective Companies House may take action against the company. If a letter is sent to the registered address it should be accepted. Returned mail may cause Companies House to assume the address is ineffective.

Companies House and HMRC will send notices and reminders which are posted to companies to remind them of their statutory duties. This includes notices to file accounts, annual returns, and to submit tax returns. It is also the address at which legal notices are officially served.

Directors Service Address


Price includes all Company Directors


This service is ideal if you want to prevent your company Directors Home addresses being put onto various company credit check websites and on the Companies House register, which is available online. You may want to use your registered address, your accountants address etc. for your service address.

It is best to do this either during incorporating your company or as soon as you can after starting your business.


Virtual Address

The virtual address can be used for all your day to day business mail


Rather than rent offices or use your own home address as a contact address for your customers, banks or suppliers, you can use our address.

This gives the impression you may be larger and more established than you may currently be, plus it protects your home address from becoming published on the internet or on your company stationery. 

Please note that the address can not be used to register company or personal vehicles, DVLA will usually reject such applications. Vehicle Registration letters will be returned to sender.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a sole trader, is this the right mailing address service for me?

A sole trader does not need a registered office and as it is not a Limited Company, will not have any Directors. Therefore, this is not the best solution - you should choose the Business Address option. This is specifically for sole traders to use with their customer, suppliers and banks. If in the future you decide that your company wishes to become a limited company we can easily update your services to the All-Mail Package.

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What Identifcation do you require?

Under the Anti-Money Laundering regulations and the London Local Authority Act 2007, we need to know who we are doing business with. We therefore request ID of proof of identity (driving licence/passport) and proof of address (utility bill/bank statement - less than 3 months old). UK based clients ID are electronically checked. If we are unable to confirm your identity, you are required to provide certified copies. Non UK clients need to provide certified/notarised ID. Certified/Notarised copies are signed by a professional person or authority.

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How do you forward my non-official mail?

We ask for an initial £20 postage deposit during registration so that we can forward your mail. You can choose how you wish your mail to be forwarded during registration.

Your mail is forwarded by scan (50p per scan) or via Royal Mail post. For post below 1kg, we charge you the Royal Mail cost of forwarding the mail and no other handling fees or %'s on top. Packages over £1kg do incur a handling fee of £2. For many clients the deposit will last all year, it depends on how much mail you have. You may be asked to top up the deposit during the year via your online account.

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What if my company was registered in Scotland/Northern Ireland?

This service is only available to companies that are either registered or planning to be registered in England and Wales. If your Company Registration Number starts with either SC (Scotland) or NI (Northern Ireland) you will be unable to use this service. If you are unsure you can check on the Companies House Company Search webpage.

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