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0800, 0845, 01/02, 020 Telephone Numbers

A Telephone Number for your Business


Your choice of telephone number may have a big impact on the number of calls you receive to your business. 

We  can provide virtual numbers for £10 a month, in order to arrange your number we do invoice for a minimum of 6 months in advance, or £100 for 12 months.

There is a charge for the calls but depend on whether the calls are diverted to a landline (approx 2p per minute), mobile (8-10p per minute) in the UK or Overseas (prices vary on location). Contact us to discuss.

It is always best to spend some time considering the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a telephone number.

Which telephone number is best for my business?


There are many virtual numbers available and you can choose from any location or country and it also means no extra phones, lines or equipment.

The national numbers include 0800, 0300, 0845, 0844 and local numbers start with 01 or 02. 

Local Numbers are available for every County, City & Town across the UK

Things to consider.

When choosing your number you should take into account the perceptions of your customers. 

Red Bullet Point Would a local number attract more callers?

Red Bullet Point If you have a 0800 number are they more likely to call? 

Red Bullet Point If you have a 0845 number, do you think that this may put them off, as they may be afraid of paying the additional costs - some companies choose to use a 0845 number to encourage people to contact them via email!!!

What are the costs for a virtual telephone number?


Red Bullet Point Call Charges

The 0800 numbers charge you for the callers minutes and the calls are free to callers from a landline. If they call from a mobile they may be charged much higher rates. The calls from mobiles to 0800 numbers should be the same or included in your free minutes (it will depend on which carrier you use)

0845 paid by the caller
0844 paid by the caller and you can earn some revenue
01, 02, 03 are usually standard rates but paid by the caller

Call Divert Charges - if you divert you number to a landline it costs 2p per min, or 10p per min to divert to a mobile, we ask for an upfront £5 deposit to cover these costs. Additional call divert charges may be payable throughout the term depending on the number of minutes used.

Red Bullet Point Rental Fees

You will pay rental on each number. Some 0800 numbers are free as companies make profits from the call charges.


Red Bullet Point Set Up Fees
Most virtual numbers have a set up fee but if you want a particularly memorable number, there may be an additional fee. London numbers have a fee of £25, some 0203 and outside london local numbers can be free, call us for more info.

Red Bullet Point Other Fees

There are many additional features available on your virtual number, such as; time of day routing, call whispering etc. Each additional feature can cost you additional rental charges.