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Registered Office - From only £34.99 per year

Registered Office Address

Why do I need a Registered Office Address?
  • A Registered Office is the official address of a limited company, this is registered with Companies House as part of the Company Formation process, when incorporating a business.
  • A limited company in the UK is required to have an official address which receives all the official mail from Companies House and HMRC. This is where all written communication must be sent.
  • When you register a company, your personal details are publicly available online through Companies House Registers as well as various company information websites. You cannot remove the address from the register.
  • Using I-Support Business for your Registered Office means that you can be assured personal details (such as your home address) are kept private and confidential.

What does I-Support Business provide with a Registered Office Address?
  • A London (EC1 Farringdon) or Sussex Address*
  • Official mail from Companies House and HMRC forwarded for FREE
  • Mail can either be scanned to your I-Support dashboard or emailed
  • Completely private and confidential service
  • Perfect for overseas clients, expats and those travelling
  • Option to add Directors Service Address
*(£39.00 per year for London or £34.99 per year for Sussex address)​

Please note that this service does not include the address being used as your "trading" or business contact address (for banks, customers and suppliers). You can upgrade to add our Business Address or All Mail Package which includes the "trading" address.


Please note that we do not accept applications from certain sectors/Industries, please check our terms and conditions.

Central London


per year


Including Directors Service Address

Overseas Based Clients


per year


Including Directors Service Address



per year


Including Directors Service Address

Overseas Based Clients


per year


Including Directors Service Address

What ID will I need to provide?

We comply with the HMRC anti-money laundering regulations and our obligations to "know your customer".

All registered office clients will need to provide proof of their identity and proof of address.  

If the company is already on the Companies House register, we will require your Certificate of Incorporation.

For further information on ID ID requirement check

Can Company Directors also use the registered address?

Yes, you can add the Directors Service Address to the checkout basket.

Prices start from £12.50 per year for the Sussex Address and £15 for London

Unlike many other providers that charge you for each Director, the one annual fee covers all the company directors but can only be used for one company i.e. it cannot be used for other companies they may be directors of DSA - DSA information.


Can you change the registered address at Companies House for me?

We can indeed!

Unlike some providers that charge for this, we will do this free of charge. Your company should have an incorporation/company number and you should have your authorisation code from Companies House.

Once you provide us with the details we will do the rest via WebFiling at no cost to you. If the company does not have an authorisation code, you will need to download form AD01 from the Companies House website to change your Registered Address.

Is everyday business post included?

Unfortunately not, your normal everyday "trade, bank or customer" post is NOT included. 

If you need a Business or Trading Address, we would recommend our Virtual Address and Mail Forwarding service. 

Prices start at £84.99 (exc. vat) a year - Which is the equivalent of 23p per day!

There's also our All Mail Package for extra flexibility.

The All Mail Package includes the registered address service, director's service and business mailing address.

This starts at £129.99 (exc. VAT) for the year.

What documents do I need to hold at the registered address?

When you start a new limited company there are a number of documents that you must create, such as, the company registers which are either kept at your registered office or at an alternative location (known as a SAIL address). They should be available for inspection by HMRC, Companies House or members of the public.  Our simple to read article on your company records outlines the main documents you must produce.  Documents your limited company should have

Scottish and Northern Irish Companies.

This service is only available to companies that are either registered or planning registration in England and Wales.

If your Company Registration Number starts with either SC (Scotland) or NI (Northern Ireland), you will be unable to use this service and need to find a provider in the appropriate country.

Article with further information


Frequently Asked Questions

Can i use the registered office address for VAT

No, our address should not be used to register for VAT. When registering for VAT they ask you to provide your business address (place of supply), i.e. the address where you take orders, send invoices, send goods or provide services. This is so, should they wish to inspect your VAT accounts/books, HMRC know where they are keep. You will not be able to keep any accounts/financial books at our office, so the address should not be used for this purpose. If you are unsure please speak to a tax accountant for professional advice.

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Does the Registered Office include IPO mail?

No, the registered office is for Companies House and HMRC mail only. Establishing a trademark etc. is part of your business mail, rather than to do with the running of your business. The IPO (Intellectual Property Office) can send out certificates with up to 50 pages, and as such, we would not be able to offer it as free with the registered office. Therefore, if you need to use the address with the IPO, apply for the All Mail package.

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I am looking for a fixed address >>

For many business people that travel across the UK and the world we provide the constant point of contact for your business. This means that you do not have to update Companies House every time you move and be safe in the knowledge that all mail sent to one fixed location.

We can then forward this to you wherever you may be.

We tend to find that for those clients that are on the move, scanning your mail is a better option and you get your post the same day it arrives.

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Are your prices competitive? >>

You will find that there are large number of providers, striving for your business and we will always aim to have one of the lowest prices available.

However, we need to balance the cost with maintaining the quality of service and ensure that we have staff available to deal with your enquiries.

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Are there additional Mailing or Handling fees >>

No one likes nasty surprises so we are upfront regarding our prices and we do not charge additional fees unless we feel that you are getting excessive amounts of mail from HMRC or Companies House.

This is very rare and we will always endeavour to contact you first.

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Can you track our Mail? >>

We can track your post by recording your incoming post and the date it was sent. We do not open any of your post, unless you have specifically asked to scan it, we can not record where the post has originated, but will be able to tell you when you should expect delivery.

We like to be flexible so if you want us to scan a particular letter, please let us know. When letters arrive, we can also notify you by email of their forwarding, if you are expecting some important letters.

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Is there an Automatic Renewal? >>

No, we will contact you 1 month before the renewal date to check if you still require our services and you can renew easily via your own online dashboard.

We contact you via email so please ensure that your contact details are up to date, especially if you change email addresses.

Sometimes our emails end up in junk/spam folders, please make sure that, if you can, white list our emails in your email server.

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Are the costs of Mail Forwarding included? >>

IN THE £34.99 or £49.99 FEE - we do not charge you for sending on your letters or any handling fee.

The cost is included in the fee. We do operate a fair use policy - we estimate that the majority of companies will have between 3-8 letters a year.

We will contact any client that starts to have large amounts of letters arriving from HMRC or Companies House.

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Do you forward our Official Mail? >>

You can also request to have your letters scanned rather than posted, reducing any delay in receiving your mail, which is especially useful if you are overseas or travelling.

Please note, that if you only have a registered office service with us, we are unable to scan and post your mail; you can select one or the other.

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Are you HMRC Licenced? >>

Any company that offers mailboxes and virtual addresses to companies and individuals requires a HMRC Money Laundering license, to ensure that they comply with the regulations.

If you are researching various providers, please make sure that you check they are licenced and can provide you with their licence number.

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Is it just one Annual Payment? >>

This covers your company for one year from the payment date.

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Can I have Post Sent to UK or Overseas Address? >>

Depending on which service you apply for, your post can be forwarded anywhere in the world, or alternatively we can scan and email your post.

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Is it a Real Address? >>

We are a real office, rather than a PO Box Company or mailbox location.

Our staff can answer your enquiries via the phone lines or live chat during the day, Monday to Friday. The business does operate 7 days a week and can answer any email enquiries at any time, but obviously, this can take longer after 5pm or during weekends.

We manage all the office locations and we do not have any partnership or referral scheme operating with any other provider.

We do this to ensure that if there are any issues can be resolved straight away, rather than be a go between with our customers and other providers.

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Can you Set Up my account within an hour? >>

Complete our online application and upload the necessary identification into your online account.

We will arrange approval for you to use our services. This usually is within an hour during office hours. On weekends and after hours it can take a bit longer but usually same day.

We recommend you have all the ID scanned ready to upload before you start to complete the application form.

We require ID for all directors that own 25%+ of the company. ID is also required for anyone of significant control, who may not be actual directors of the company.

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Customer Support >>

We have a team of client advisers that can provide you with the information you require.

For companies that are already incorporated we can assist you with changing you details at Companies House.

Open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm. Contact us via Live Chat or the contact us page on this website.

Outside office hours, we are always available via email or the contact us page.

We aim to reply to all enquiries straight away during the day and within the hour after hours. If it is during the night, we will get back to you the following morning.

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Mail Forwarded the Same Day >>

We know that your mail is important so we always aim to send out your post the same day as we receive it, which ensures that there is no delay in you receiving your letters.

If you are expecting some urgent mail, let us know and we can scan of for you and shred the original.

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