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Mail Forwarding - From only £84.99 per year


We don't just offer Mail Forwarding services to businesses, we also have the option for individuals to have a Mail Forwarding provider.

Based at our Sussex Office, our Mail Forwarding for Individuals service is perfect if you're out the country, don't have a secure postbox or live in an area where a postal service isn't available such as static caravan parks. By having a personal mailing address we us we can accept your mail and arrange for it to be scanned, posted or collected.

  • Ideal for Expats, Travelling Overseas, Students or restricted postal service
  • Private and Confidential Service
  • Post received at our Sussex Office Address
  • Mail can be forwarded to you by post or scanned into your I-Support online dashboard
  • Forwarded mail can be sent daily, weekly or monthly
  • No charges for signing for packages
  • Mail Collection is only available at our Sussex Office, we will email you when mail arrives so you know when to pop in.
Mail can be scanned for 50p per page, mail forwarded at the cost of Royal Mail (no additional charges). Parcels/packages incur a £2 handling fee and an additional fee of £5 is incurred if we have to arrange a courier.



per year

Overseas Based Clients


per year

There are a number of reasons for needing a UK street personal address with mail forwarding

You may be planning on travelling or living overseas or the nature of your work means that you are never in one place for any length of time. Perhaps you are currently living overseas and are keen to maintain a UK presence, for any official correspondence or personal matters.

Whatever the reason, if you need to keep a street address in the UK for your day-to-day mail (e.g. mobile phone bills, banks statements etc.), we have a personal address service that may meet your needs.

You can use the address as your contact address so that companies or family and friends can write to you. This is for you to use in case you do not have a permanent address in the UK or are overseas and require a location for your mail.

You cannot use the address to give the impression that you live at this address, for voting or residency or benefit claims. This is potential fraud and can result in large fines or imprisonment if you give incorrect information on official documents.

Please note that the address may NOT be used to register company or personal vehicles, DVLA will usually reject applications.

Please note that individuals use the East Sussex address, our London address is solely for business clients.


If you looking for a Business Address Mail Forwarding service, this service enables you to use our address with your customers and suppliers and may be the most appropriate service. You can decide between the London office address and the Sussex office address.

Registered Office Address - this is ideal for limited companies if the Directors/Beneficial Owners live overseas - for £50 per year we mail forwarding is arranged by post (airmail) or we can scan it for you and upload into your own online account, so that you can access it anywhere in the world. You can also choose to add in a Directors Service Address.

If you only require a basic street address for your non-official business mail (customers and suppliers), our virtual address service allows you to have you mail scanned or forwarded by airmail The price for this mail forwarding service costs £85 + vat plus a deposit to forward your post.

If you require our full package for limited companies - this includes a registered office, director's service address and mail forwarding service - prices start at £129.99 +vat plus the £20 postage/scanning deposit.

The I-Support Virtual Office homepage has an overview of all our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm travelling, how do you forward my mail?

For people travelling, we would recommend that we scan your mail.

You can receive it via email the same day it arrives at the office. We can also retain the original copies that we can forward to you by post either when you are back in the UK or have a more permanent address overseas.

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How much does it cost to forward my mail?

All the costs of forwarding your mail are paid from a £20 postage deposit. If posting your mail, we charge Royal Mail costs. We do not add on any extra handling fees or percentage on top. We do however charge a £2 fee if the package is over 1kg or if we have to arrange a courier.

We charge 50p per page for scanning your mail. If you want a mixture of scanning and post let us know, it is not a problem.

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How long does it take to sign up?

In order to speed up your application we always suggest you have your identification documents pre-scanned. During your application you can upload your identification into your online account. Once your application has been submitted we will check your ID, and if all is ok, approve your account. It can take less than 1 hour.

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How do you forward my mail?

You can choose how you want your mail to be forwarded. You can select from having it posted or scanned, or if you want both that is equally fine. You can change your mind at any time, just drop us an email with the changes and we will amend your account. We do not charge you any additional fees if you change your preferences.

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