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I-Support Business Reviews

Here are a selection of reviews we have received from customers this year, most are from returning customers as we don't really like to ask for reviews unless they have been with us at least a year and have actually experienced our services and support. 

We think this is better than someone just commenting on the speed of our application process or their initial thoughts. They are a mixture of google reviews and comments/reviews that have been sent to us. As you will see, some may be anonymous (but real) as some companies like to protect thier privacy.


Bridge Wharf - January 2018  

  • We have worked with I-Support Business for several years now and found them to run a professional and efficient service. We have never had any problems with receiving our post for the mail forwarding service we have with them and will continue to work with them for the foreseeable future.

Judith Morgan - 18th Feb 2018 

  • I have been a client of I-Support Business for over a year and I am delighted with the service they provide in support of my business.

Industrial Laundry - 18th Feb 2018  

  • We have been with I-Support for approximately two years and been very happy with their service.
Len Grundy

Anonymous - 23rd Feb 2018 

  • Great service. Always professional and helpful.-

BD&S Associates - 24th Jan 2018  

  • I have found that I-Support Business to be an exceptionally efficient and helpful organisation that has had a positive and beneficial affect on my business and I have no hesitation in recommending them to other business people
John Tadman DipArch ACIOB (FAS) FFB FTC. 

Witchware - 23rd Jan 2018 

  • is a friendly, professional and helpful business.
     I'd recommend them to anyone needing a business address.
Nigel Cox

Steph Savill - 23rd Jan 2018 

  • This is a smooth and affordable support service for businesses that I can thoroughly recommend to others. Whilst I don't usually tick 5 stars because there's always something more that COULD be done or offered, I think I-Support Business probably has this area well and truly sewn up. 
  • Google Review - 5 stars

Silke Butters - 23rd Jan 2018 

  • I can highly recommend I-Support Business. I have been with them for more than 3 years and will keep using them.

Crazy Bats - 20th Jan 2018 

  • "They're a helpful, friendly bunch - don't be shy!"
  • Randall   

International Healthcare - 18th Jan 

  • Brilliant service, friendly staff. Highly recommended! 
  • Christopher Bailey

Caroline Hope - 5th Jan

  • For your reference, there seem to be many online company registration address companies - I went with your company because the service seemed to be more personal - I had the sense that I could call you if I needed to if I had a query. I haven’t had to because the process is straightforward but I just wished to advise you of that (i.e. a positive!)