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Directors Service Address

Directors Service Address

This service is only sold with the Registered Office Address Service, and not sold separately.

  • Protect your home address
  • Private and Confidential Service
  • Quick Online Sign Up
  • Only available with the Registered Office Address​

A Directors Service Address can protect your private details and maintain confidentiality and security.

The Service Address costs £12.50 if you apply for the Sussex service address and £14.99 for the London Directors Service address. 

The price does includes all your company directors but it is only for a single company rather than multiple companies.

What is the Directors Service Address?


The Directors Service Address is the official address for each Director. It is their contact address and appears on the public online record.

Companies House send letters for individual Directors at this address. For example, if the annual return has not been completed, the directors plan to dissolve the company or being struck off.

The new Companies House website beta version, now lists all the officers of the company with their correspondence address.

Why would Directors need one?


Your Usual Residential Address is confidential and protected from the public record. However, public authorities, such as HM Revenue & Customs, the police, and credit-reference agencies can access them.

By using your residential address as your director's service address, this will be publically visible. However, the fact that the addresses are the same is confidential.

Companies House sell information from the company registers to various websites that provide information on Companies and Directors. Companies House have very little control of this information once sold. 

You may want to use your registered office address, your accountants address, etc. to prevent your address being entered onto these websites. It is best to do this either during incorporating your company or as soon as you can after starting your business.

If the directors service address is ineffective, i.e. there is no response to letters, etc. the Registrar does have the power to ban the use of this address and place the usual residential address on the public register.  

When using our address as your Directors Service Address always make sure that you put your company name in the address so we can instantly identify the correct company and forward your mail immediately.

Who can use the service address?


The Directors can only use the address for one Limited Company. The annual price covers all the Directors in the Limited Company.

Therefore, if a Director has more than one company they can only use it for one company. 

Every company director must provide both their usual residential address (URA) and, for each directorship, a service address. 

How can I apply for this? 


You can add the service when you sign up online for the registered office address
The DSA is not a separate service.