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Registered Office Address

UK Registered Office Address

What is a registered office address?

The registered office address is the official address of a limited company in the UK.  

The address is registered with Companies House, which is the UK Government Department that is responsible for maintaining the register of companies throughout the UK.

The companies house website displays company information, which includes the regsitered office address and details of the Directors and PSCs.  Our registered office services ensures that your personal details, such as home address, will be kept private. We maintain your confidentiality at all times and provide your business customers and clients with a professional image.


  • Companies House and HMRC - Your official company address
  • Private and Confidential Service
  • Quick Online Sign Up - select your location and your choice of office location.
  • Official Mail Scanned and emailed or uploaded into your online account - FREE
  • FREE - we will change the address at Companies House for you (authentication code required)
  • You can add a Directors Service address from £12.50 a year - this is for all directors not each!!

One Directors Service Address price covers all Directors in the company, and you can add Directors at no extra cost. Your personal details are off the publically available online Company House registers and also the various company information websites.

Under Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Regulations , we do ask for details of all Directors and Beneficial Owners and will require proof of identity and proof of address.  For more info please check ID Requirements... 

Unlike some companies that may allow you to use the address before sending in your ID documents, please note that before we establish a business relationship with you, we will insist on all ID being provided and verified before we approve your application. We therefore suggest that you have all your ID documents ready and scanned before signing up.  Non UK resident clients will need to provide certified/notarised ID.

Please note that we do not accept applications from certain sectors/Industries, please check our terms and conditions.


Why do I need a registered office address?

  • Every UK limited company formed must legally have a registered office.
  • Official mail, mostly from Companies House and HMRC, is sent to the registered office.
  • The details of your registered office is displayed on company stationery.
  • It provides overseas owners with a UK address.
  • Its the official address of where your company registers are usually kept for public inspection (unless alternate location is being used).
  • Prevents you receiving unwanted mail and visitors at home.
  • Even dormant companies (not trading) need a registered address


I-Support will:

  • forward Companies House and HMRC mail FREE;
  • Sussex Address - scan official mail to you, email or upload to online account;
  • London Address - scan official mail;
  • ensure that staff are available to receive and sign for your mail;
  • display your company name in our office/reception;
  • hold your company registers;
  • update the registered office and director address details at Companies House;
  • provide you with access to your own online account to update company details, download mail scans and renew your services;
  • contact you 1 month before renewal, no automatic renewal.



Choose between a Central London address or one outside London in Sussex.
Central London

UK Based Clients
£39.00 a year or £53.99- with Directors Service Address 

Overseas Based Clients
i.e. the Directors live overseas

£49.99 a year or £64.98 - with Directors Service Address.


UK Based Clients
£34.99 a year or £47.49 - with Directors Service Address 

Overseas Based Clients

i.e. the Directors live overseas
£49.99 a year or £62.49 - with Directors Service Address



Starting a New Company?

If you are starting a new company (ltd, CIC or LLP), we have some guidance on how to sign up yourself at Companies House, plus what factors you need to consider about Company Names.

Click for Startup Guidance

Can the Directors also use the Registered Office address?


Yes, but only if you purchase the Directors Service address, the price is for all company directors, rather than per Director. Company Directors need to provide Companies House with a contact/service address, to which all their official mail is sent.

In order to protect their residential addresses from being entered onto the online publically available registers, they can apply for a Directors Service Address, which will be the same as the registered office address.

Can I also receive my business mail at the Registered Office?


Not with this service.

If you only select the registered office service, it can only be used at Companies House and HMRC. It should not be used for your customers or banks.


you can use the address for the business, if you also apply for the business address/mail forwarding service or select our full all mail package.

This package includes the registered office, directors service address and the business address service, costs from £129.99+vat per year.

It is important that your registered office address is kept up to date, as it is the official company address.

Any mail sent to the company and directors at the address will imply that the company has received the mail, which is why is it important that the address you choose is effective. 




Telephone Numbers

We can provide a local or national telephone number, which can be diverted to your mobile, landline or to our own answering services. £10 a month

Our homepage provides a virtual office overview of our services, and you can also purchase our services online.


If you have questions please contact us,

  • by phone,
  • the live chat during business hours,
  • or via our contact page.

Signing up takes less than 5 mins online and usually we can approve your application within 30 minutes.

Ensure that you have your ID scanned and ready to upload before starting the application. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your legal requirements?

UK limited companies and limited liability partnerships (LLP's) are legally required to have a UK registered office. The company secretary (if you have one) is responsible for establishing and maintaining it. It is the formal and official address of the company. It does not have to be the place where the business trades.

Companies House and HMRC will always write to a companies official address.

The address must be effective, it must be genuine and able to accept mail on behalf of the company. When an address is found to be ineffective Companies House may take action against the company. If a letter is sent to the registered address it should be accepted.

Companies House, HMRC will send notices and reminders which are posted to companies to remind them of their statutory duties. This includes notices to file accounts, annual returns, and to submit tax returns. It is also the address at which legal notices are officially served.

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What mail is sent to the registered office?

Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs send several notices each year. They are usually reminders, request for payments or notification of a late or non payment.
We would highly recommend you sign up for Companies House e-reminders service.
Please note that we do not forward letters from any other departments, organisations or companies unless you also have our mail forwarding/trading address service

CT41G – Corporation tax new company details (for newly registered companies)
CT600 – Corporation Tax Forms
Reminder to file your corporation tax and payment forms

From Companies House
Notice to file accounts
Notice to file the annual return
Authentication codes for new companies
Occasionally other government notices

Plus Late filing penalty notices, strike off action warnings, letters of advice etc if you do not file documents on time.

We have noticed in the last few years that HMRC are using debt collectors more often to collect any unpaid or overdue amounts.

If you do receive any penalty notices we would recommend dealing with them as quickly as possible.

Please note that it is not our responsibility to remind you of filing deadlines etc, it is a Director’s responsibility, we can not be held responsible for you missing any of your deadlines.

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What addresses are available to use as the Registered Office Address?

We currently offer two addresses for the registered office address service, which is in Polegate, located in Sussex and also in Central London, EC1.

Companies House and HMRC have no preference as to where your company is based. They are only concerned that the address is real and can send official communication to you.

Many companies seek central London addresses, for which you will pay a higher price as the operating costs are higher.

Where you choose to locate your registered office is purely down to whether or not your customers/clients etc. would prefer and the image you are trying to portray. If you trade online, many customers do not care where you are based - as long as the price is right and they will get their goods on time.. Our clients offering services, i.e. consultancy type work may prefer a London address to attract customers.

You should be aware that some mail forwarding providers are using other mail forwarding companies addresses, and will add on an additional charge to effectively arrange this for you.

There is nothing wrong with this, if it saves you time, but remember if there is a problem you really want to be able to speak to someone at the address and you may find it more cost effective to locate the actual address owner and use them directly.

If you are using the address for a registered office, the company should be licenced by HMRC to offer these services.

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How to change a registered office address

In order to change a registered office address for a company registered in England and Wales, you need to notify Companies House in Cardiff using Form AD01 for companies and Form LLAD01 for Limited Liability Partnerships.

There are a number ways to do this

Manual Filing of a Change of Registered Office Address
Print and complete form AD01 and send by post to Companies House in Cardiff on completion send to Companies House, Crown Way, Cardiff CF14 3UZ.

• your company name in full,
• your company number,
• the new address, and
• the signature of a company officer.

This should be signed by a company director or secretary.

The postal application to change a registered address is normally accepted within approximately 5 working days. Your address will not be officially changed until it has been entered into the Companies House database.

Please Note - If your company is registered for the PROOF scheme at Companies House, paper documents will be rejected.

Electronic Filing of a Change of Registered Office Address
Companies House is keen to encourage businesses to use Webfiling - which is an electronic filing service.

• Filing online saves you time – as you can file directly from your PC.
• There is less chance of rejections due to in built checks and pre-populated data.
• You receive an automatic email acknowledgement.

If you haven’t already registered for this service, you will be required to complete an online registration.

Once completed, you can complete the AD01 form electronically and is usually all completed within an hour.

Companies House uses the Post Office address database to verify addresses.

To avoid delays please ensure you are using the correct details including full post code on all forms and documents sent for registration.

During your Annual Return

If you use Webfiling, you can also amend your details (registered ofice and director details) when you prepare your annual return.

Your annual return must include:

details of the directors and company secretary, if it has one
what your company does - including its standard industrial classification (SIC) codes
the type of company it is, eg private or public
the registered company address
the ‘single alternative inspection location’ (SAIL) - the address where records are kept if not at the registered address
You may also need to include:

a ‘statement of capital’ if your company has shares
details of shareholders, if required and depending how long since you last reported on them
If you sign up for our services and use webfiling, we will change the registered office address for you for FREE.

You just need to provide us with your authenication codes and company number and we'll notify you when it's been done, usually within 20 mins.

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Does the Registered Office include IPO mail?

No, the registered office is for Companies House and HMRC mail only. Establishing a trademark etc. is part of your business mail, rather than to do with the running of your business. The IPO (Intellectual Property Office) can send out certificates with up to 50 pages, and as such, we would not be able to offer it as free with the registered office. Therefore, if you need to use the address with the IPO, apply for the All Mail package.

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Can i use your address for VAT?

No, our address should not be used to register for VAT. When registering for VAT they ask you to provide your business address (place of supply), i.e. the address where you take orders, send invoices, send goods or provide services. This is so, should they wish to inspect your VAT accounts/books, HMRC know where they are keep. You will not be able to keep any accounts/financial books at our office, so the address should not be used for this purpose. If you are unsure please speak to a tax accountant for professional advice.

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Does a dormant or non-trading company need a registered office?

Every company needs to maintain a registered office, even those that are dormant or are currently not trading, so that Companies House and HMRC can send their official correspondence.

You run the risk of being removed from the Companies House register and further action being taken against the company or Directors if you ignore their correspondence.

A Dormant Company does not have to display their Company Name at the Registered Office Address.

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Do Sole traders need a registered office?

If you are a sole trader i.e. not registered at Companies House, and are self employed you will NOT need to have a registered address service. HMRC will need your address, but this is usually either your actual physical place of work or your home address. This is not publically available.

Registered office services only apply to limited companies, CIC's and LLPs.

As a sole trader you may not want to publicise your home address so you may wish to consider using our mail forwarding service, which will forward all your mail directly to you.

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Home Businesses and Registered Office Service

When you start a business, you will need to decide whether to use your own home address or another address to act as your registered office.

Many new businesses start up at an owners home, it helps reduce overheads, helps with cash flow and some companies, especially internet based, no longer need an actual place to trade.

As the business grows and you consider becoming a limited company, the owner will have to decide if they wish to use their own home address as their registered office address.

There are a few things to consider:

When you use your own address at Companies House it will become public as it will be put onto the register and is free to access by anyone.

You will need to display your company name at the registered office address.

Your business stationery, websites, emails must also show your registered office address.

If you do not wish your personal home address to be made public you can use our Registered Office Service and/or Mail Forwarding Service.

You can use our address and all mail is sorted and forwarded to you immediately.
You can use the address on your business stationery, website and email.
Your clients, customers, suppliers etc. will not be aware that you are using a mail forwarding service.

We will remove all junk mail, unless you want it!!

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Can I change my forwarding address?

Yes, but you will need to send us proof of the new address.

You should notify us by logging into your online I-Support account and changing your address within your profile. This will notify us that your forwarding address has been changed.

We will also require you to upload a scan of your change of address proof – this could be a bank statement, utility bill, council tax demand which clearly shows your name and new address.

Please contact us if you have any questions via live chat, phone or Contact Us page.

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Can I use the registered office as my director's service address?

Yes, company officers can use the registered offices address as their service address on the public register. It can be posted or scanned, it costs from £12.50.

Please make sure that when completing the service address you also add the company name in the address, on the first line of the address, so that we can identify your mail easily.

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Are bank letters included in the registered office service?

No – only HMRC and Companies House are included in the registered office service

Any bank statements received will be returned to sender, so please make sure that they are aware of your mailing address.

If you require an address for you customers, suppliers or bank mail you can apply for our separate mail forwarding service, which can also be provided at low costs but a deposit is required to cover postage costs..

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