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How to change a registered office address

Changing a registered office address at Companies House

In order to change a registered office address for a company registered in England and Wales, you need to notify Companies House in Cardiff using Form AD01 for companies and Form LLAD01 for Limited Liability Partnerships. 

There are a number ways to do this

Manual Filing of a Change of Registered Office Address

Print and complete form AD01 and send by post to Companies House in Cardiff on completion send to Companies House, Crown Way, Cardiff CF14 3UZ.

• your company name in full,
• your company number, 
• the new address, and
• the signature of a company officer. 

This should be signed by a company director or secretary. 

The postal application to change a registered address is normally accepted within approximately 5 working days. Your address will not be officially changed until it has been entered into the Companies House database.

Please Note - If your company is registered for the PROOF scheme at Companies House, paper documents will be rejected.

Electronic Filing of a Change of Registered Office Address

Companies House is keen to encourage businesses to use Webfiling - which is an electronic filing service. 

• Filing online saves you time – as you can file directly from your PC.
• There is less chance of rejections due to in built checks and pre-populated data.
• You receive an automatic email acknowledgement.

If you haven’t already registered for this service, you will be required to complete an online registration.

Once completed, you can complete the AD01 form electronically and is usually all completed within an hour.

Companies House uses the Post Office address database to verify addresses.

To avoid delays please ensure you are using the correct details including full post code on all forms and documents sent for registration.

During your Annual Return

If you use Webfiling, you can also amend your details (registered ofice and director details) when you prepare your annual return.

Your annual return must include:

  • details of the directors and company secretary, if it has one
  • what your company does - including its standard industrial classification (SIC) codes
  • the type of company it is, eg private or public
  • the registered company address
  • the ‘single alternative inspection location’ (SAIL) - the address where records are kept if not at the registered address

You may also need to include:

  • a ‘statement of capital’ if your company has shares
  • details of shareholders, if required and depending how long since you last reported on them
If you sign up for our services and use webfiling, we will change the registered office address for you for FREE.

You just need to provide us with your authenication codes and company number and we'll notify you when it's been done, usually within 20 mins.