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Mail Sent to A Registered Office

Mail Received at the Registered Office

Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs send several notices each year.

They are usually reminders, request for payments or notification of a late or non payment.

We would highly recommend you sign up for Companies House e-reminders service.

Please note that we do not forward letters from any other departments, organisations or companies unless you also have our mail forwarding/trading address service


CT41G – Corporation tax new company details (for newly registered companies)

CT600 – Corporation Tax Forms 
Reminder to file your corporation tax and payment forms

From Companies House

Notice to file accounts

Notice to file the annual return

Authentication codes for new companies

Plus Late filing penalty notices, strike off action warnings, letters of advice etc if you do not file documents on time.

We have noticed in the last few years that HMRC are using debt collectors more often to collect any unpaid or overdue amounts.

If you do receive any penalty notices we would recommend dealing with them as quickly as possible.

Please note that it is not our responsibility to remind you of filing deadlines etc, it is a Director’s responsibility, we can not be held responsible for you missing any of your deadlines.