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Virtual Office Eastbourne

Eastbourne Virtual Office

I-Support is a virtual office that provides a range of services to local business and individuals. Based in Polegate and ideally located to serve the Eastbourne and surrounding area. 

If you have a business based at your home in Eastbourne, you may consider putting your address on your company stationery, invoices, website and emails. Especially if you are trying to target the local market and emphasise the fact you are a local company.

However, do you really want all your customers, clients and suppliers to know where you live and have your home address in Business directories, online search engines etc. 




If you have set up or are considering setting up a limited company, you will also be required to provide a registered office address. This will be your company’s legal correspondence address.

This is publically available on the Companies House website and as a company director, you have to provide a contact address, known as a Directors Service Address

Sole traders only need a virtual business address which they can use as a contact address for their customers & suppliers.



The solution to protecting your home address is to use a virtual office. A virtual office provides you with a real address that you can use for your business needs.

You do not have to worry about losing your privacy or be concerned that your home address will become public. 

Limited companies will have the registered office address accessible on the Companies House website.

Sole Traders will not want to put their home address on invoices, websites, emails etc.

How do I sign up?


We have sign up forms online that take about 5 minutes to complete.

Upon completion, you pay via a payment page and you will be able to access your online account.

We will then require you to upload your identification into your account.

Once we have verified your identity online, we will notify you of our approval to use the address. 

If you live in the area, you can also pop into the office and sign up, please bring your ID with you

What are the costs?

Our Registered Office service costs £34.99.

The Directors Service Address costs £12.50.

The virtual address starts at £84.99 a year, plus £20 if you want your mail forwarded.

For the complete virtual office services, it costs £129.99  plus £20 deposit if you want us to forward your mail by post or email.

Frequently Asked Questions

I do not get any mail, we are an online business.

All businesses that sell online should have a contact address on their website so that customers can contact them and/or return goods.

It is a requirement of the Consumer Contracts Regulations and just using an email contact form is not sufficient.

We also find that by providing an actual real address it gives your customers confidence in your business as well as your products or services.

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What happens to the mail that you receive at the Virtual Office?

The virtual office will receive your mail and our administrators will either, contact you to arrange to collect the mail from our offices, or they will forward onto you by post.

In order to forward your mail to an Eastbourne address, we request a forwarding deposit of £20 to cover any postage costs.

You decide how we forwarded the mail. We can forward your mail daily, weekly or monthly – first or second class.

We can even scan and email your mail to you.

This service is flexible so we can change how we forward the mail to meet your needs.

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Where are you based?

We are a virtual office based in Polegate, so ideal for businesses that have a client base in Eastbourne and the surrounding areas. (See contact page map)

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What virtual office services can you provide?

In addition to the registered office service and mail forwarding services we can also provide telephone answering services.

If at any time you are unavailable to answer your customer’s calls, you can divert your phones to us and we can answer with your own personal greeting, take a message and email that to you straight away.

This ensures that they speak to a real person rather than leave a message on voicemail during office hours.

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Do you have a meeting room?

In our Polegate office, we also have a small meeting room, which can comfortably hold six people in a boardroom layout so you can meet any customers or suppliers.

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Why do I need to provide identification for a virtual office service?

We are licenced by HMRC and we are required under the Money Laundering Regulations to identify everyone that uses our mail services. We require proof of identity and proof of your address.

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