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Virtual Office Services available

Many people contact us asking what the difference is between a registered office address, a Directors Service address and mail forwarding.

A registered office is an official address used by Companies House and HMRC as the official correspondence address of a limited company or limited liability partnerships.

A Directors service address is used by Companies House to serve any papers on individual directors. The Directors service address can be the Directors residential address or the registered office address can be used. By using the registered office address it protects the individuals home address from becoming public.

With both of the above services many mail forwarding companies will include the forwarding of official government mail from Companies House, HMRC, Government Gateway etc. BUT, they usually do not include mail from your customers, suppliers or marketing companies!!

A mail forwarding service can also be used by an individual, sole trader, limited companies and LLPs for their trade/customer mail. For many businesses that are based at home and do not wish to put their address online (web or email). a mail forwarding service can offer the protection to prevent the address from becoming public.

They can provide a virtual business address that also provides customers with confidence in your company. How many times have you been on a website where you can only contact them by an email form or 0844 number? – it does make you think twice!!

When applying for a registered office or mail forwarding, you will be asked to provide personal identification and mailing address identification. Most providers are licensed to offer this service – be wary of the ones that aren’t!!