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Virtual Office - Sole Traders

Benefits of Virtual Office Address for Sole Traders

If you are a sole trader or self-employed there are a number of services a virtual office can provide to benefit your business. 

  • Professional Image
  • Advertise your business presence
  • Use the address on your website and stationery (emails, invoices etc.)
  • Protecting your home address from public view
  • Quick and Easy Online Sign Up


What does a Virtual Address for a sole trader cost?

Our Sole Traders service allows the London Virtual Office or Sussex Virtual Office for use as your business address.

London Address - £99 a year
Sussex Address - £84.99 a year

We also request a £20 + vat postage/scanning deposit so that we can forward your mail.

Select the service you require from our homepage and add to the basket. Checkout when ready:
1. Provide your Contact and business Details
2. Pay and Upload your ID
Proof of Identity & Proof of Address)
3. Apply for approval - takes 15-20 mins

SOLE TRADERS Sole Trader virtual address


Contact us if you have any questions

Please contact us via,
the online live chat facility;
Contact Us page; or,
 01323 484542

Why would a sole trader need a virtual address?


working from home on a laptopWhether you are just starting up your business, be it home based or overseas, we can support you and your business.

Equally, if you are an established sole trader, you can save costs - no more rent, rates and overheads to pay... We understand that most of the businesses in the UK are sole traders, which in turn means many are home based.

We are flexible so that you can add or remove services as and when you need them.

  • By having a real UK address it provides your customers and suppliers with confidence in your business and projects a professional image. 
  • You can also use the address to advertise your business presence to a particular area where you may not usually trade.
  • ​If you work from home, it protects your personal details from public display and prevents any unwanted visitors.
  • Given the increased security issues of identity theft, you would not wish to have your address publically available on the internet.
  • choose the service, pay and upload your ID. Approval usually only takes 15-20 mins.


How can I use the address and how is my mail forwarded?


Your business uses our London or Sussex address on your website, stationery and with customers and suppliers as a contact address.

  • your mail is then forwarded to either a UK or overseas address, or
  • your mail is scanned, which can be emailed or uploaded into your online account.

​If you wish to receive packages please use our Sussex address only, we DO NOT accept any packages/parcels in the London office, it is for letters only.

What documents do I need to provide?

We are licenced by HMRC and the London Local Authority to offer the mailing service. We are required, as per the anti-money laundering regulations, to carry out due diligence on our clients.

We request identification of any person using our mailing services and require proof of their home address and the address to which we will forward the mail, if different. We identify all beneficial owners of the company before approval for use of the virtual office address.

We believe in maintaining your confidentiality, and do not disclose any personal information to any third parties, unless legally obliged to do so.

Please note that your details will be provided to trading standards or law enforcement authorities if investigating your company.